Ten Suggestions (The Good Life)

It seems some Christians have gone so high in Christianity, they have come so deep into the new testament, they have come so far from Mount Sinai, at their current level, the ten commandments have been updated to ten suggestions.
They are now embroiled and soaked in so much grace that sin is no longer sin as far as they are concerned.
By the way, their version of grace only counts on sins that relate to God or their personal desires. Cos the civil law doesn’t recognize grace, so if you are caught stealing, you’ll be duly penalized. If you commit fornication or adultery meanwhile, grace covers you.
If you steal but you weren’t caught, does grace cover you? If grace doesn’t cover you when you were caught, why should it cover you when you get away with stealing? Does the same principle apply to fornication, fighting, and other sins? What about the ones that people can’t easily accuse you of or prove you committed? Envy, pride, hatred, greed, lust, etc?
Grace is one of the most beautiful concepts in the Bible. It bridged a sinful world with a righteous God. It made none-heirs co-heirs. It gave a pathway to salvation.
The Ten Commandments remain commandments and not suggestions. Don’t deprive yourself of salvation while claiming boundless grace. If you fall seven times, stand up eight times. If you find yourself in a cease pool of sin, reach out to Christ to save you by His grace.
Do not deprive yourself of salvation because you had doubts if your sin was a sin. Grace is free, don’t just know it is freely available. Use it to ask for forgiveness.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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