Students On Duty (The Women I Love)

The next week Monday morning, as we got to school, we could see all the prefects at their duty post. It was like some senses had been talked into them and they had a point to prove.

For the first time since I started this school, I was there before the assembly started. By the time morning assembly was over, the last student was already in school.
Mr Ojo came to the ground just as the last announcement was over and we were ready to disperse. Slowly, he made a show of walking to the front of the assembly.

When he finally got there, he looked down at his with his bespectacled eyes. Without making a sound, he turned around and walked away.
What is this? Is this old man playing mind games or psychological warfare on us?
We all shuffled to our classrooms. Everyone was chattering excitedly, but no one was sure what to make of the drama we just witnessed.

Class captains now had their duty list updated. They were to take the attendance and submit names of latecomers directly to Mr Ojo.
Unbelievably, no one came late in my class that day.
As a matter of fact, for the rest of the week, no one came late. I think other classes eventually had latecomers. But I don’t know the exact punishment they served.

It was an unusual sight, watching students hurrying to school without stopping on the way to buy something. I am sure traders at on duty must have been wondering what was wrong.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they cursed Mr Ojo when they found out why.

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