Strange News From The Football Viewing Center (Deputy Girlfriend)

When I got to the football viewing center, the match was just about to start. I quickly found my way to my friend Patrick to sit with him.
Patrick is also a Liverpool fan like me. We tend to watch matches together.

As the football match went on, I noticed a number of eyes were on me. In each direction I turned to, someone was trying to avert their eyes.
It felt strange, but I acted like I didn’t notice. Maybe it was all in my head. Maybe people just had darting eyes. But then, the fact that you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.

The first half of the match was a drab fest. The weather was hot and both sides were struggling to find their rhythm.
As soon as the halftime whistle went off, our seat was flooded.

“Congratulations ooo”
“Who be that chic na?”
“What of Hannah?”
“Guy you get mind ooo”
“My G na baller ooo”
“Even players no dey play reach you”

From every angle, someone was making a comment. Are these guys this much less busy?
The news of my new flatmate must have spread like a wildfire.

“Calm down guys. She is not my girlfriend.”
“Na lie”
“You are joking right?”
“She is his sister joor. I saw her. I saw the resemblance.”
“Is she your sister?”
“Is it true?”

Which question should I answer first? There was just a few minutes before the second-half starts. If I don’t get them out of my hair, I won’t get to watch the match.

“She is my friend. She needed a place to stay, so I had to house her for a bit”
“Bad guy!”
“Boss of all bosses!”
“Guy, forget all these hoodlums. Since she’s not your girlfriend or your sister, can I have her phone number?”

I was expecting someone to say that. And it most definitely had to be Paul. The only thing he loved more than football was the ladies.
He had a DStv at home but always came here for the camaraderie. Any match day he failed to show up here, you can be certain he had a lady with him at home.

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