Stop Playing The Devil’s Advocate – Josh Journal

One time too many, I have been engaged in debate with someone, and they find it needful to play the devil’s advocate.
Taking a summarily look at most instances I can remember someone acting the devil’s advocate, it dawned on me. Nothing good ever comes out of playing the devil’s advocate.

A discussion is on. The opposing side has made a superior argument that trounces all your talking points. Rather than concede and pick lessons, you decide to throw in a ridiculous point, example, illustration, or supposition.

You know how ridiculous or morally bankrupt you are about to sound. In your heart, you cannot proudly stand by the point you are about to make.
Instead, you make your point under the guise of defending the devil.

You don’t think you are defending the devil? What else is the job of an advocate?
Sometimes, the point raised is so mentally lazy, that the devil would reject ever having such points raised on his behalf.

By the way, who told you the devil needed an advocate? If you were not arguing just for arguing sake, would you have raised this particular point?
Take a microscope and analyze your point from all perspectives, does it properly move this discussion forward?

Next time you are in a debate, discussion, or argument, kill that urge to be the devil’s advocate.
If you have run out of meaningful and impactful talking points, let silence prevail.

You don’t have to have an answer to every question. And you don’t need to be the one that asks the stupid question no one else will ask.
Finally, the devil has enough advocates already. He doesn’t need you joining his defense team. Or are you a demon?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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