Stop Over Sexing Us.

 I don’t know where the idea of using sex as a sub-theme, or point of attraction for marketing every product came from. But one thing I’ll say, Whoever is the originator of that idea deserves to be flogged in the public.
 It is almost impossible to avoid the picture of a half-naked, (sometimes, even naked) lady every where I go. It is staring at me from the Billboard, the magazine cover, the center-fold of almost every newspaper, almost all adverts I come across, as well as products pack. And to these promoters and packagers, it doesn’t even matter what product it is, they just can’t wait to sex it up as much as possible. From T-shirt, to toothpaste, to toiletries, to food, to sport merchandise, to even schools. You name it, before you count up to ten of it’s adverts, you are sure to find one with a half-nude lady, or shirtless guy on it. I actually would not be surprised to find a Church advertising it’s service with something like this, or even a funeral home. (Although I’m surely going to get even more offended.)
 For goodness sake, not every product needs to be sexed before we’ll purchase it, some of us are actually offended by this stuffs, as they do a great damage to young people, who might want to remain chaste, as it puts them under immense pressure to engage in sexual activity.
 It puts a big strain on relationships, as well as marriages,  as some women cannot stand their spouse staring at the almost naked image of another woman, even when the guy is not aware of it, but it just happens to be in his line of view.
 It is in almost every movie as well as musical video we see on both satellite and terrestrial T.V. Images that a few years back will be rated for adult viewing only, are now rated PG, and in some instances, they are even deemed fit for general viewing. Time and again, parents as well as kids have felt embarrassed, when an inappropriate image pops up on the screen, and it’s actually impossible to take it off.
 This act has a lot of damaging effect on our society, and most dangerous of it is that it trivialize sex, making it loose it’s role, value and importance, thereby making the younger generation who might have engaged in it loose value for family structure. It also make the youth loose the respect they are suppose to have in an appropriate manner for the opposite sex, as they most of the time feel they’ve seen it all.
 This is a plea to content providers, movie and music makers, advertisers, as well as regulatory agencies. Please, be kind enough to reduce, or as much as possible remove sexual content from your product. It will do us more good than bad. Help us save our society, Help us preserve decency, and the small form of humaneness left in us. Thank You.