Stop Being Assistant Jesus – Josh Journal

There is a tendency among “jim-jim” Christians to turn themselves to “Assistant Jesus”. It is like they have an “in” to heaven. Like they have Christ’s hotline and He has appointed them as Special Advisers on Earthly Affairs.
I am a strong believer in judging yourself and trying to ensure those of the body of Christ are on the right track. What I won’t support is “locking the door to heaven” on others.

These Assistant Jesus seem to know God more than the rest of us. They have the unit for measuring grace and dishing out forgiveness. By looking at you, they can decide if you are worthy of heaven or not.
One question though, who appointed them into the office of Assistant Jesus?

I am not saying people are not sinful. What I am saying is why judge a sinner, if you already know he is a sinner? More importantly, who told you that someone is beyond saving?
If everyone is prejudged before they get to know Christ truly, then who gets to be saved?

Because of the way I grew up, I have a particular view of God, faith, salvation, and grace. I know everyone has their own view too.
At the same time, I know my knowledge is limited. As much as I study about God, I know there is no searching of His understanding. I acknowledge and appreciate the mysteries of grace.
This is why I can not and do not decide on God’s behalf who is and isn’t in right standing with Him.

You don’t know the prayers people have said in secret. You don’t know how much they have sought and are still seeking God. We can’t tell the covenant they have made with Him.
Some people might not have a relationship with God, but they are benefiting from covenants and labors that their parents or grandparents committed to.
Who are you to intercept that? And if God has decided that He will win someone by showering them with His love, who are you to oppose that?

An Assistant Jesus is like Jonah. He believes Nineveh shouldn’t get a chance at redemption. And after being forced to preach, and they repent, he gets despondent.
No one appointed you as Heaven’s caretaker. You are not in possession of the Book of Life. Stop writing people off, and stop standing in the way of people finding God.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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