Stand By Me – Boys Don’t Sing (Live Performance)

There are very few experiences more beautiful in this world than a great choir performing a song worthy of a once in a lifetime performance. That is exactly what you get to experience with the Boys Don’t Sing Choir’s rendition of Stand By Me.

“Stand by me” is a great song. Hearing the story of how Gareth Malone puts together this choir in a school that has no history of singing, the fact that the boys are of different ethnicity, the backstory of each of them, all of these makes for a compelling experience.

It is great that these boys will one day be able to tell their kids and grandkids of their experience at the Royal Albert Hall. I hope all lives involved in this project were changed for the better.

It is even more pleasant to see their family and loved ones comment in the second video. The friendship and comradery displayed by the boys after their performance is also quite heartwarming.

Maybe one day, I’ll get to watch a choir perform this song live again. I look forward to the restrictions being lifted so we can enjoy concerts once again.

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