ST.Valentine’s Day Is Paying Off.

It’s Two weeks after St.Valentine’s day, and right now, a lot of people lives have changed forever. On Valentine’s day, There were some marriage proposals, new hook-ups and new relationships, There were some peaceful break-ups, and some not so pretty/ugly break-ups, some people cheated on their partners and got away with it, while others were caught right in the act.
But the pathetic, (and really annoying to me) story/ritual on Valentine’s day is the Virginity that are usually given up/lost.
I don’t understand the essence of spending valentine with someone you claim to always loved. If you really love someone, you’ll show your love to him/her everyday. And just so you know, Sex is not necessarily a display of love.
I believe Valentine’s day should be spent sharing your love with those you wouldn’t normally show love to. This ranges from your next door neighbor, to the guy at the store, to the salesman down the road, to the cleaner at the office, to the homeless guy along the street, to the beggar around the corner, and a whole lot more.
If we could share this love unreservedly with everyone everyday, then our everyday life will be sweeter than Valentine day, and Life will be a lot more fulfilling and satisfactory.
For those who spent Valentine’s day entwined between the sheet’s, and were not careful enough, (or just as they hoped) I believe Valentine’s day must have begun to pay-off.
So Dear female friend
Are you feeling sickly especially  morning time?
Do u throw up after eating any meal?
Are your palms and eyes getting whitish?
then congratulations.