Spilling Beans (Deputy Girlfriend)

Immediately Hannah left my house, I called Daniel and informed him that I was on my way to his place. He was trying to ask why as he planned on going clubbing that evening. I told him that I had a few “beans” to “spill” to him.
Daniel is a guy that loves to chat more than anything else. A promise of new gist was the only way I could get him to skip going out clubbing.
I took a bike to Dan’s place. He was outside with a couple of neighbors. Immediately he saw me come into the compound, he excused himself and hurried to join me.
“Guy, wetin be the beans wey no fit wait until I come back from my groove?” He queried me.
“Daniel, Tomi needs our help” I replied him.
“What? Is she dying?”
“Wait. Are things so bad between you guys that you’ll wish her dead?”
“No, not that. I was just wondering what help she’ll need that she can’t ask me herself or we couldn’t just talk on the phone”
“Dan. It’s something different.”
I went on to narrate to Daniel everything that had happened so far.
Finally, I asked him “what do you think we should do?”
“You already know what to do before you asked me.” He replied.
“But I need to know what you think about the whole arrangement before I proceed,” I told him.
“Why? Is she not your friend too?”
“But she is your ex.”
“And you brought us together.”
“But I don’t know exactly what went down between you guys.”
“Nothing went bad, things just didn’t work out.”
“But I still need to inform you first. That is the right thing to do.”
“And if I say no, will you refuse to help her?”
“No. You know I have no choice but to help her.”
“That’s my point exactly.”
“But, do you have any reservations about the whole arrangement?”
“No. Do you?”
“Which kind of question is that?”
“My point exactly.”
“You are just crazy. But hope you’ll still keep coming to my place?”
“Sure thing.”

That was how we concluded our conversation. I took my leave from Dan, so I can go clean up my place in preparation for Tomi’s arrival.
It was much later that Tomi told me that night was the first time Daniel called her since they broke up.

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