Special Announcement

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I think this looks good???

  Wow! It’s been over a month since I’ve made any post on either of my Blogs. (For those of you that don’t know, I do own a second blog. TipsyJoswil.Blogspot.com, There I put up wonderful stats, tips, as well as information I find important.)
 I can’t exactly explain why I had to take the break, but I think I was getting too lazy to type, although I had a lot to write about. So instead, I just kept my thoughts to myself. But after a couple of weeks, I decided to take more time and think things through, before deciding on what exactly I want to do next. In this short period of time, I’ve done a lot of soul-searching, as well as self-rediscovery. I’ve also taken a lot of decisions on my next line of action, both professionally, personally, relationship-wise, and concerning this blog. I’m gonna share this decisions with you guys as I deem the time mature enough.
 The first decision is about my blogs. I’ve decided to start blogging daily without missing any day (God helping me). My post is also restructured, With a daily dose of Bible Verse, Quote, Picture, and finally, a personal entry for the day. Although I’ll be retiring the “Song For The Day posts,” But every Friday, there is gonna be a “Song for the week”.
 A special warning to everyone though, My personal posts are going to get “Very Personal” and also “Explicit”. I started blogging to vent out what I had on my mind, but due to my need to keep things good looking because of “Some People” I didn’t want to find out “Somethings”, I never wrote about “Somethings”. But from here on, things are going to get “Personal”, and if you don’t like what you see, leave the page. But if you do have any questions, leave it as a comment, cos I tired of answering questions concerning what I put up on my blog with my mouth. I wouldn’t even discuss it with anyone, but if you ask your questions here, or leave a comment, I’ll take out time to reply you appropriately here.
 (Some of you might already be getting tired of this “boring, long” post, don’t worry, I’m almost through).
 Another decision I took is that next year, I’ll be starting my university programs. A lot of people have been questioning me, wanting to know when I’ll “go off to school” and why I ain’t in school yet. The answer is simple: I’m not in school because I’m yet to decide on what to study in school, secondly I’ve been trying to fix some personal stuffs, and thirdly I want to be a “Millionaire” before going off to the university. (Hopefully, I will be one before this time next year. I’m actually working towards it, and for once my visions are coming true right before my eyes.) I’ll continue to update you guys on my walk to the millions, as well as my journey to getting into school.
 The third decision will interest my readers who know me on a personal level, although I’ll repeat, If you ask me about what I write here whenever we meet, “I WILL GIVE YOU NO REPLY.”
 “Next Year I will love to Marry, But Before then I Want to Thoroughly Party”
 As most of my personal friends know, I’m more of an introvert, and never go to parties, hardly going for events. but from here on, I intend to start going for events, outings, and parties. although I’ll prefer Intellectual/Art related events. So feel free to extend invitations to me. But here’s a note of warning, I’m not going clubbing. Unless the event is taking place in a club, but for me to leave my home, with the intention of going off to a club and dancing, or hooking up with people, “That ain’t happening”.
I’ll be telling you of where I’ll be visiting, as well as telling you of my outings and posting pictures from such events. Do feel free to extend your invitations to me, and I’ll surely be there.
 For those of you who already know, or are wanting to confirm if this is true, or hearing about this for the first time, here it is. “I Intend to Get Marry Next Year” preferably in the month of August.
As my avid readers already know, I do have a lot of “Female friends” as well as “Crushes”, but I’ve never had a “Girlfriend”. 
Although I have no Idea who the “Lucky Lady” is going to be, or how it is gonna happen, I’m actually looking forward to this.
I intend to make this happen by “God’s Grace” and I’ve been “praying” and “working” towards it.
I know this is gonna be a very exciting and adventurous journey, and that the next twelve months of my life is going to be very interesting. But I can assure you of one thing, you guys are gonna be my companions on this journey, as I’ll confide in you on what happens, and also seek your advice whenever I need it.
 There are still a number of announcements I have to make, but I’ll only tell you when I think the time is appropriate.
 On a final note, everyone that read this and know me on a personal level, I repeat “I’m not gonna be facing any questioning, and will only answer your questions if you drop them on this blog.”
Thank you for taking time to read this, God bless you all, I love you all, and welcome to my crazy world.
See y’all tomorrow.