Sow – Word For The Week

To sow is to plant seeds, with the hope of reaping its produce in the future.
There is a saying that for every action, there is an equal reaction. In my time on planet Earth so far, I have learned that the saying is half true and half insufficient. The truth is the reaction is never equal to the action.
When analyzed properly, a few times, the reaction is less than the action it is responding to. Most of the time, the reaction outweighs the original action.
It is easy to isolate every incident in our lives, making each seem totally unrelated to one another. When we are being rewarded for a previous good action, we can easily remember when we were sowing the seed that led to this reward. But when we are facing the consequence of a bad seed sown in the distant past, we find it difficult to remember our fault.
Truly, judge not so you will not be judged, but in truth, every action will be judged and some people’s actions are impatient won’t be waiting until judgment day.
You disrespect, defraud, deny and defame others, yet expect your life to go smoothly, considering that the God you serve is a Just God, don’t you think He’ll hear the cries and prayers of your victims?
There is a new school of thought who have “moved on” from God on to “Higher Power” and “The Universe”. Thankfully they still believe in “Karma“.
Some people are not even aware or consciously responsible for the seeds they sow. They allow things “accidentally” happen around them and refuse to take responsibility for anything around them. My life is not an accident, so also I choose what seed I sow.
The same way a farmer is responsible for the seeds sown in his farm, you are also responsible for what seed you’ll sow in life.
It is time we stop sowing seeds of tares, tears and torment, rather we should sow seeds of Love, Laughter and Life.
What seed will you sow today?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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