Song Of The Day: Taylor Swift – Forever and Always (Piano Version)

Tell Me She’s not Beautiful, and I might just Punch You in the Face.

 This Song will easily make it into a chart of my all time favorite Songs, this is despite the fact that I actually heard it very recently.
 It’s a music of a undying Love a girl has for a boy. Interestingly, I can partially relate with it, because right now, I’m searching for love, and I’m in a big fix, as I’m caught up in a love triangle. (I’ll talk more about it in my next post coming up in a few minutes hours.)
 The first/original version of this song sounds really great, but after removing all the other musical instrument, and singing the song accompanied by only a piano, the level of greatness of the song is only taken to a new and higher level.
 As a side-note, I’ll say this is one lovely piece of music, from a very beautiful girl.
 Join me and enjoy the song, as I proceed on a quest to find a love that’s gonna last me “Forever and Always”.