Song Of The Day: Run-Away Love – Luda Chris and Mary J. Blige

To me, this remain one of the most powerful song Luda Chris ever did. Mary J. Blige also did a good job of adding very powerful emotions into the song.
I’m not usually caught up in emotional songs (Well, most of the time) but you just can’t help listening to the lyrics and feeling sorry for the little girls in the song.
The song has captivating story-lines, and it’s easy to hear each word spoken by Luda. The chorus is simple and easy to memorize and understand (It could get caught in your head).
I think this song teaches a whole lot of moral lessons, asks a lot of questions, and brings the attention of it’s listeners to a very salient issue, “The Abuse Of The Female Child”.
I say a prayer to every girl and child going through any of the scenarios in the song, I pray that God delivers you, and give you the strength to overcome your hours of travails.
And to every child molester and abuser out there, desist from the act, or Judgement and punishment will befall you, both on earth, and in Eternity.