Song Of The Day: Nneka – My Home

From her recent Album, “Soul is Heavy” we’ll be listening tonight to Nneka’s “My Home”
.This is a song that talks about returning to the roots.
In life, we sometimes leave our “Home” or “place of comfort” in search of adventure, love, experience, money, fame, and other things. In the process of doing this, we sometimes sacrifice the relationships we have built over the years and make new ones.
Sometimes, this new relationship proves to be profitable,  and even better than the previous ones while at other times, it proves dastardly, disastrous, and ends up as a costly mistake.
At such time, we go back to our “First love” to find comfort and refuge. Our earlier friends and companions do not reject us, they welcome us with open hands and hearts, they help us through our grieving and healing process, make us better than we were, and make us emerge from each experience as a stronger person.
Whatever you do, always remember, “make new friends, but keep the old ones”.