Song Of The Day: Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World

 I heard this song for the first time on a movie. I noticed it but couldn’t get the title during the credits. A few weeks later, I heard it for the second time on a friends system, but it was used on theater performance, so I couldn’t get a clean audio.
 A few months later, I got it on a compilation of great love songs. And each time I listen to it, I just can’t help but have this feeling of Hope, Love, Uplifted Spirit, Happiness, Satisfaction, and Appreciation for Nature.
 Hopefully, This is going to be one of the first songs I’ll teach my children, because it is sure to make anyone love music, and appreciate life. Irrespective of age, color, race, religion or gender.
 Thanks to this song, I can now appreciate the little things of life, and think to myself, “What a Wonderful World.”