Song Of The Day: Emma OhMaGod – Penalty Orchestra.

The craze for Small Doctor’s Penalty has waned to an endless cycle of Olamide’s Wo!!, and my ears are grateful. It was just too infectious, unluckily for we none pop music following folks, the infection was only cured by another infection.

One eventuality of Small Doctor’s Penalty is the plenty covers, of different genres, flows, and rhythms imaginable. I didn’t enjoy listening to most of them, but there is one I am glad I did get to hear; Emma OhMaGod’s cover.

I don’t know from which rock you just crawled out from if you are just hearing this for the first time, but I am pretty sure you’ll be glad you just saw this. For me, this is one song that is sure to be a timeless classic. I mean Emma’s Penalty, not the Small Doctor’s original. I am just too glad to be done with that.