Song Of The Day: Emi Ni – Rugged Man and Dagrin

Rugged Man and Da Grin

Of all Of DaGrin’s Collaboration before His untimely demise, This song is very outstanding, as it has a whole load of hard core Hip-Hop touch, but is still easy to learn, comical in nature, and could easily be rated G, as in General (for all audience) or Gangster (Strictly for hardcore Hip-Hop fans).
You don’t have to be a Rugged Man or DaGrin Fan to fall in Love with this song.
I’ve had the song on My P.C for a very long time, but listened to it for the first time a couple of days ago, and became addicted to it. Listening to only this song for a full day, Non stop. Nodding My head along with it, and laughing my head off.
Just a pity we do not have DaGrin around to keep reeling out this class of hit songs for us. Fit for clubs, house, radio, loud speaker, car ride, or private listening, with your head nodding to it.