Song Of The Day: Djinee – Overkilling

One of the Coolest album arts I’ve ever seen from Nigeria.

  This song is simply crazy, it is a perfect display of creativity at it’s best. Djinee simply had to be “In the Zone” to do a song of this quality.
 I can’t remember when this song was released, (and I’m not going to google it) but I can vividly remember that I loved it right from the first time I heard it. Actually, almost everyone who heard it for the first time in my presence, or told me about their first experience with it, Loved it at the first hearing.
 I think this song did win a lot of awards, especially when the video came it. It was very different from other Nigerian music videos, with the creative use of composition and animation by those Mex guys. The video did compliment the song, taking it to new heights and unparalleled level of popularity as well as acceptance.
 The song is all about a former “Bad Boy” who is repentant of His past, has changed for the better, and is giving out a word of advice to His hearers.
 A parting line from the song, (as well as one of my favorite.) “Don’t spend Your life to buy money, cos You can’t spend money to buy life.”