Song Of The Day: 2Face- Only Me

This song became a second National anthem in Nigeria, and it had ripple effect across Africa. When this song was released by 2Face Idibia, the whole of Africa stood up to acknowledge a true son of the soil.
The song went on to win multiple awards in Nigeria and across Africa, making it one of his all time fans favorite (Maybe second only to his earlier release, “African Queen”).
If I was asked to rank 2Faces song, I’ll rank Appreciate it as Number 1, Only Me as Number 2, and one other one as number 3, but most ladies in Africa would always rank African Queen as his all time best song, (But I have a problem with that, well, I’m not a girl).
But Only Me is like a song of consolation to those still at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder, letting them realize that they could still make it, and telling those who were already successful to treat others with respect as as the guys at the bottom might be at the top in the future.
The song as a comical feel to it, as it’s tells of the boredom that will be apparent in the life of a millionaire, if he has no one to spend the money with. But it’s a true fact, wealth is best enjoyed if it is being shared with friends and people we care about.
Ladies and Gentlemen I present to You, from one of Africa’s finest, From the best selling album, Unstoppable (International Version).
Join me and enjoy the song for today, “ONLY ME”.