Something Special For Someone Special

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Something Special For Someone Special

 December 31st 2013, I woke up earlier than I normally will, but I was already a little late for “something”. I rushed through my morning rites, and a couple of minutes later, I was where I was meant to be. A couple of minutes later, some new faces walked into the room, we were not properly introduced, but I was to work with one of them. My partner at the time picked one of them, and minutes later, we were working together and I didn’t even know her name.
 By evening, it was time for the watch-night or as some of y’all will call it, cross-over service. On new year day, she was on of the first people I interacted with, we didn’t talk much, it was all about getting the job done.
 By Saturday Morning we were done with the work, she and her pals went back to school, and Life was back to normal. But there was just a slight problem, I knew her name, liked her face, enjoyed her company, but didn’t have her phone number. Now who does that? In this age and times?
 I waited a whole week, then went to my immediate superior asking to get her phone number. Now considering where I work, that is a very odd request which on a good day would never be met. Considering I didn’t have any official role to play towards her on behalf of the company. I have no idea why or how, but he did give me her phone number. I couldn’t wait to call her, minutes later we were talking on the phone, and by the end of the week we were closer than I imagined.
 We got talking and I realized we were actually very different but very similar. We shared a lot of common likes and dislikes, but stood on different grounds on lots of issues. In about two months of knowing each other, we’ve become best of friends, exchanged ideas and opinions, argued, agreed and disagreed, and she actually dislikes Liverpool F.C despite all I’ve done to win her over.
 But one thing I’ve come to discover, she does occupy a special place in my heart, and everyday I’m grateful to God for bringing such a gem into my life. She has actually made the year 2014 a lot more fun than it will have been without her.
 Today, she turns a year older, and I’m seizing this opportunity to wish her a happy birthday, praying her years be filled with joy, laughter, satisfaction, grace, prosperity, strength, favor, Love and lots of Peace.
 Her name is Peace, and this is Wishing You A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, with even better and grater days to come.