Smile – Mo Eazy (Song Of The Day)

Smile by Mo Eazy is an attempt by a lovestruck guy to get the one he loves smiling again. And it is done in a poetic and romantic manner.
This is “rhymes to make you smile, delivered straight to your ears.”

Everyday life, especially in Nigeria, can often take away the smile from our face. Living in Lagos will do that twice as fast. And forgetting how to smile can be emotionally scarring.
The painful part is you are never aware of when you stopped smiling. You just lost your groove, get lost in the rat race, and switch to survival mode.

As much as hip hop glorifies hustling and grinding for daily survival, there is nothing beautiful about a mindset stuck in survival mode.
Imagine telling someone a joke and they can’t crack as much as a smile, simply because they are worried about something else.

Love is powerful, and when you are in love, you want to see the person you love always happy. I know I’ll go to the ends of the earth just to get her smiling again.
I love love. And the only thing I love more than love is a happy lover.

This was the song that introduced me to Mo Eazy. He is an awesome rapper, on par with any rapper in Nigeria or across the seas. I’ll dare anyone to listen to the song and say otherwise.
(Those who just had their hearts shattered are excused though.)

For those I love, and “the one” I love in particular, this one is for you.