Sisters On Duty (Deputy Girlfriend)

I got back to the sitting room and met Tomi and Hannah giggling like sisters sharing a secret.
I had taken a long bath, thinking up ways to split the girls without getting either of them upset. My head had come up with nothing.

Scared that the longer I waited, the worse things would get, I had to come out to join them.
I was in the kitchen about to dish my food when Hannah shouted out, “babe, your food is already here.”
I reluctantly came to join them.

“Andrew, why didn’t you tell me that my sister here is a great cook?” Hannah asked as I sat down.
When did these girls become sisters? She must be teasing me.

“You didn’t ask me before. Plus you didn’t tell me you girls are sisters,” I replied to her.
“What do you mean? Are we not supposed to be sisters? Were you expecting us to be rivals or enemies?” Hannah asked accusingly.

“Babe, I didn’t say you are enemies, I was just saying…”
Both of them began laughing at me. They must have rehearsed this and I have fallen for it.

“But Andy, you never allowed me to cook in your house, yet here is another girl cooking for you. Is that fair?”
“It’s not like that. We have very little time together during the week. We can’t spend that time cooking when we have other things to do,” I replied Hannah.

“But if you kept me company as I cooked, we still would have discussed whatever we had to discuss.”
“I didn’t want to stress you.”
“So it is me that you want to stress,” Tomi quipped in.

This girl that is the source of my headache this Sunday afternoon, is still adding fuel to this flame.
“Tomi, you were the one that started cooking by yourself. You know I didn’t ask you to cook.”
“So now you didn’t ask me to cook. No problem then. If you see me cook again, cut my leg.”

What kind of problem have I talked myself into?
“Tomi, that is not what I mean. I meant that you were cooking for us, and there is nothing wrong with it.”
“What does that even mean?” Tomi asked, bewildered.

Wait. What does this thing I just said actually mean? These girls have gotten me talking nonsense.
“Tomi, you know that is not what I meant. Can you girls just stop tossing me back and forth?”

Knowing that I was getting frustrated, Hannah quickly intervened.
“Andy, we were just pulling your legs.”
“I know you meant no harm, we just wanted to banter with you for a bit.”

Finally, I could breathe with relief. These girls really got me.
How did they even connive to do this? Tomi was a prankster, but Hannah has no funny bone in her body. The fact she could keep a straight face through this is worrying for me.

Tomi announced that she needed to go check on a friend. She excused herself to go get dressed.
Hannah and I then sank into the chair, and I finally began having lunch.

In a few minutes, Tomi was back. She was dressed beautifully. Hannah complimented her clothes, but I held myself back. I don’t want to say something that would get me in trouble again.
Immediately Tomi was out the door, I knew me and Hannah had a lot of talking to do.

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