Sisterly Rules (Deputy Girlfriend)

After I got back home, I started to wonder what will happen if Hannah refused to give in. Did I really need her permission or was I supposed to only inform her?
As much as I love Hannah, I also love Tomi and wouldn’t want her to get stranded. I couldn’t help wondering what Chim, her boyfriend would think about this whole situation. By the way, I am not even a fan of “cohabitation”. But what am I supposed to do now?
I tried calling Hannah repeatedly, but she refused to pick up. Eventually, I just sent her a “I Love You” text and went to bed. That was one of the most uncomfortable sleep I ever had.
I woke up the next morning and immediately tried calling Hannah like is customary for us. Again she didn’t pick my call. I spent the whole day wondering if I had blown up my relationship. When Tomi called me during the day, to ask if I had sorted everything out, I just told her there was only a little issue left to sort out.
As I returned from work that evening, I went straight to Hannah’s place. She wasn’t back yet and wouldn’t be back for the next two hours. Her mum wasn’t ready to have me sitting for two hours. Instead, she called Hannah with her own line and I finally got to talk with her.
She told me she was better now and would come to see me on her way back from work. Finally, I could relax.
Two hours later, Hannah strode into my room and in the calmest manner I have ever seen her in, she told me she was fine with Tomi moving in with me. According to her, since Tomi was like a sister to me, she’ll be giving us some “Sisterly Rules”, made with sisterly love, and having non-sisterly consequences.
Firstly, she was never to compete with Tomi for my attention. Then, there has to be a pillow wall of partition when we shared the bed.
Thirdly, Tomi wasn’t allowed to be in only her undies around the house. (Apparently, her level of trust wasn’t up to that level). Just as importantly, there was to be no mouth to mouth resuscitation if either I or Tomi had a medical emergency.
Number five on the list, I am not allowed to take more than three pictures for or with Tomi in one day. (She really does believe that guys are moved by what they see). Neither were we to gossip together. In fact, no gisting for more than two hours on any given day. (She doesn’t want Tomi thinking I am listening, sensitive, in touch with my feminine side, or anything like or better than her boyfriend).
Also, Tomi wasn’t allowed to practice any of her wifely skills on me, neither was I allowed to try my “husbandly” skills on her.
Finally, no going out together, dressing similar, or doing any “couple-ish” thing.
According to Hannah, if we ever flouted any of these “sisterly laws”, she was going to really, really hurt us. And I wasn’t supposed to forget that her favorite TV series included a thousand ways to die, and how to get away with murder.
After I acceded to her rules, Hannah said she’ll put the call through to Tomi to inform her about the decision. Who was I to argue? I was just glad my friend would be alright.
When I finally got to talk with Tomi, after Hannah had been on the phone with her for over five minutes, we agreed that I and Hannah will come through the next morning to help her move before her parents left.
For the first time in my adult life, I was going to be having a roommate.

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