She Who Finds A Husband… #ToTheAltar

Throughout Saturday, all I had in mind was where do I find a husband? As I did my chores, prepared for church on Sunday, and got ready for the new work week, the thought of finding a husband never left my mind.
It was when I was done with my chores and sitting in front of the TV that it got to the peak.

I don’t know how long I had been in front of the screen. My eyes were fixed on the screen, but my mind was elsewhere.
I didn’t hear either of my parents call me. How long I had been seated, I don’t know. All I know was that both my parents were suddenly waving their fingers in my face.

“Happiness, what is wrong?” My father began.
“Daddy, nothing. I was just watching TV.”
“You were watching the TV with the volume inaudible?”
“Yes. It was what they were showing I was interested in.”
“And what were they showing?” My mother asked.

They had caught me. Truly, I was lost in thought. But how can I tell them I was thinking about how to get a husband?
Hold on. They were the ones that put this thought in my head. I wasn’t thinking about getting married until our discussion yesterday.

“You caught me. I was lost in thought.” I finally admitted.
They both heaved a sigh of relief as they sat on either side of me. This is about to be a long evening.

“And what were you thinking of that you couldn’t hear us calling you or see us standing in front of you?” My mother asked.
“I was thinking about my husband.”
They both started laughing. They laughed so much my dad almost fell out of his chair.

“Thinking or daydreaming?” My dad asked as he tried to regain his balance.
“Was it not the two of you that said I needed to get a husband? So I was thinking about where to find one.

Now they quieted down. That really sobered them up.
“We did not say you should go and look for a husband. What we meant was that you need to start entertaining the thought and considering those who approach you.” That was my dad speaking.

“He who finds a wife has found a good thing. Not she who finds a husband.” My mum added for emphasis.
“Or are you not being approached by young men?” She continued.

“I am. But what if I don’t like the men approaching me?”
“At least, you will consider them.” My mother responded.
“And what if I have considered them, but they are not good enough?”
Now they were both silent.

After some seconds that felt more like hours, my father responded.
“Are there guys you like, but they haven’t shown interest in you?”
“Then you need to pray about it.” My mum replied.

“Calm down dear. Either way, she is supposed to pray, but she also needs to act smartly.” My father replied to her.
“So, she should now go and ask them out? Will she be the one to propose to them when the time comes?” My mother replied.
She was getting worked up.

“My dear, calm down.” My father tried to ease her worries.
“Our daughter is beautiful. She is intelligent, has her job, is well behaved. Any man will be lucky to have her as a wife.” My mum replied with all certainty.

“That is true. And that is why all kinds of guys, both good and bad, will be interested in her.” My father replied to her.
“If it is the bad ones that are coming now, we should wait for a little, the good ones will soon come.” He concluded.

“I did not say it is bad boys that are asking me out. I said I am not interested in the ones asking me out,” I tried to clarify.
“Oh. So there are good boys asking you out?” My father asked.
“And you don’t like them?”
“Then don’t worry. You will soon meet the one you will like.” He concluded.
“But what if I never like any of them?”

God forbid. Stop saying bad things into your future,” my mum cautioned me.
“But I have not liked any of the boys asking me out now. What is the guarantee I will like the next ones?”

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