Searching For Something × TREASURED JOURNAL

Mama Nkechi’s nose twitched like a dog’s searching for a lost bone. The smell of fried chicken emanating from her neighbor’s kitchen, Madam Kofo, kept her reminiscing about her glory days. The days when she always had chicken to eat.
She only had to make just one call and boomshakalaka…..her doorbell would ding!!!! Order delivered.

Only God knows where madam Kofo’s husband worked that made him have enough money to buy her chicken on a daily basis. All her own husband knew how to do was to buy fish and egg all the time.
She told herself she was going to complain and let all hell loose when he returned from work today. He just had to buy her chicken. Haba!!!

One more torturous whiff of that sweet-smelling chicken and she is certain that she would be dreaming of fried chicken sometime in the night.
She didn’t want to start seeing herself being served chicken in her sleep; she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist the offer.


Madam Kofo sang as she trashed the wraps of the chicken flavor seasoning cubes she used in preparing her bare stew.
She loved the aroma it gave each time she prepared her meal with it. She knew her husband didn’t have enough to buy her chicken and fish, but the few times he did buy, she appreciated him.
Some day she believes, they will have enough to eat what they want and to spare.

Not all that glitters is gold. The exterior view doesn’t determine how the interior would look. Stop coveting people’s physical, financial, and material attainments.
Many people have mastered the act of suffering and smiling. They are good at displaying affection and happiness in public, but behind closed doors, they are empty and sad.

Don’t trade your happiness for anything. Stop being unnecessarily envious. Be happy with what you have attained; your family, friends, and possessions.
Keep working towards your goals. Enjoy your fish and egg in peace, and stop coveting the mere aroma of seasoning cubes.

P.S: What you have now, is better than what you don’t yet have. What you are searching for is likely searching for you. At the appointed time, you will find that which you desire.


Mordi Comfort is a storyteller, creative writer, event host, and organizer. She uses stories to pass messages, to relate relevant life experiences, and to bring about positive changes in people’s lives.
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