When are you allowed to stop?

When would people agree you can stop?

Whose permission do you need to stop?

Is refusing to stop equal to people-pleasing?

Even when it hurts to continue?

Why can’t you call it quits when it is doing more harm than good by continuing?

Why aren’t we allowed to quit on “this” so we can focus on “that” and succeed at it?

Is every quitter a loser?

How many people have ruined or even lost their lives just because they won’t quit?

Is it a sin or crime to quit?

Quitters don’t win, what about when winners wouldn’t survive?

When will parents begin to listen to their children?

What if I am more interested in being a fashion designer than being a medical doctor?

When will pastors start listening to their members?

What if the next punch would land her in the mortuary?

When will we start listening to our friends?

What if we cannot afford to go out for a drink or sew that cloth?

Is success really a competition?

What if I just want to take a time out to reset myself?

When does society think I can finally say “I quit”?

Do I even need anyone’s permission to stop?

Who society done help?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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