Could you use a hug right now?
An embrace from a friend, who knows just what you are going through?
Wouldn’t the voice of an understanding pal sooth your soul right now?
Are you going through the lowest point ever?
Are the colors around you beginning to fade?
Is the sun shining less bright than it ever has?
Isn’t it time to confide in a friend?
Are you that friend with a heart of gold?
Are you the one whose hug is calming?
Do your words heal breaking and broken hearts?
Are you the kind of friend I can turn to when my life gets stormy?
Will you welcome me with a hug or turn me away with a snarl or smirk?
Can I rely on you?
Can I count on you when the chips are down?
Are you keeping scores?
Will you only help those who have been there for you?
Will you only help those who can be of help to you tomorrow?
Wouldn’t you come around to complain about how it’s a cold world out there?
Isn’t it time you begin to give a warming hug to everyone you meet who needs it?
Isn’t it time you begin to plant a smile on every face you come across?
Isn’t it time you begin to dig up long lost laughter from hearts that have forgotten how to laugh?
Do you know you can’t give a hug without getting one back?
Do you need one or do you need to start giving them out?
What’s your time over there?
Hug o’clock.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram. @IJoswil