Rhethorics: Mr Ballot Box Snatcher, Where Are You Going To?

The Nigerian Presidential Election has been rescheduled for this Saturday. Mr. Ballot Box Snatcher, what’s up?
You have been paid to go on another snatching spree, you have been instructed on which polling station to disturb, you have picked your accomplices, please tell me, is it worth it?
Mr President has given an order to members of the Security Forces to shoot all snatchers, no questions asked, tell me again, is it worth it?
Twenty years of democracy, the same class of politicians keep recycling themselves. Their bank accounts are smiling, their children are lounging, is it your life that is that cheap?
I remember seeing a footage of a Snatcher during the last General Election running off with two ballot boxes, I can’t help but wonder, why exactly is he doing this?
Who might have sent him?
Why is he carrying two boxes while his colleague accompany him are empty-handed?
Is he that good at his job or is he just being greedy?
Which box will other snatchers pick when they come around to the polling station? Most important of all, what does he plan to do with two election boxes?
Does he still have them at his house until now?
How much was he paid for this disservice to his fatherland?
Mr Snatcher, do you know how much the politicians who paid you have invested in this election?
When he gets into office, do you know how much he plans to loot?
Do you know the effect his looting will have on you? Your children? Your grandchildren?
For the love of Country, can you kindly let this election go without snatching any ballot box?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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