Rhethorics: How Much Is Your Dream Worth?

How much is a dream worth? How much should a future be sold for? Even Martin Luther King and his dream, how much was it worth?
Joseph’s dream, Pharaoh’s dream, Peter’s dream, do they go at unit cost or wholesale cost?
The guy with only one dream, the lady with a thousand visions, are they worth the same thing or is it relative?
My dream is to have a great family, a house which makes a great home, a ride for me and one for those who’ll need it, first-class tickets to anywhere in the world whenever I need it, a holiday or two every year, a great education for my children, a great career and business, and a close walk with God. What is your dream?
Do you know the most important factor to you realizing your dreams other than God and you? Do you know who shapes the policy and directs the nation as they please? Do you know who can decide to shut down the private sector unilaterally? Do you know the power of the government?
How much is your dream worth? How much does your future cost? Do you know that the value you place on your dream is proportional to the value of your vote?
Where is your PVC? Why do you think politicians are buying up PVC despite the fact that they cannot vote with it?
We only get to choose our leaders (or rulers. That is a different discussion) once every four years, why waste your chance?
Everyone you have learned and have come to regard as a hero of Nigeria and its democracy did so to ensure you can vote, what is their labor, patriotism and heroism worth to you?
The poor illiterate is selling his vote for five thousand naira, have you asked him about his dreams? About his future and his self worth? Can you compare it to yours?
The poor man might have never gained up to ten thousand naira from the government, no primary school in his vicinity, talk less of a university. You in spite of your education, should you be doing the same?
The poor man might have never paid any tax to the government, you pay a percentage of what you earn to them, yet for the same amount as the poor man, you want to give a thief access to all the tax you’ll pay for the next four years? The tax that was meant to make the nation better for your children and their own children?
As for you who feels you’re better than the rest of us and can’t be bothered to vote, what do you think you are doing?
After spawling your chance to choose leaders to fix the Nation, do you think you have a right to complain about those leaders’ policies when they are destroying the polity?
How much is your dream worth?
How much is your PVC worth?
How much is your future worth?
How much is your vote worth?
Can you live with that price?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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