Resolution – Word For The Week

It is just the second week of the year and lots of people have already broken their New Year Resolution, so much that they are either battling to keep up with it or dumping it altogether.
I am not an advocate for making New Year Resolutions, because of its propensity to lead to emotional and psychological issues. It is true that doing things the same old way will lead to the same old outcome, (according to some wise guy, that is the definition of madness, who knew?). But then, what is the right time to start afresh?
A resolution is defined as a strong will, determination. The state of being resolute. A statement of intent, a vow.
It is the middle of June and you find a leak in your roof, a tear in your cloth in October and your phone got faulty just before the end of November; Do you wait until the First of January before beginning repairs or you start right away? I know it is easy to go “New Year New Me” in January, but you do need a good roof over your head, a faultless cloth and a fully functional Phone all year round.
The turn of the calendar is a convenient excuse to splurge on new clothes and electronics, a day or two of holidaying does calls for hanging out with friends. In fact, I will take the First of January every year as a chance to down extra food and drinks, but it is not the only time I should be cutting out carbs, ditching toxic friends or put in more effort at work.
To the best of my knowledge, the only people who achieve 100% of their New Year Resolution every year are those whose New Year Resolution is to have no New Year Resolution. For those still on the path to achieving their New Year Resolution, note that I am your new head cheerleader. (Unless you already have one, who is closer to you or cuteer than I am) Keep going! You can do it!!!
For those who already dropped all or one of their resolutions, note that you are not doing it for others, you are in this first, for yourself. There is no referee keeping scores, there is no time keeper giving you a time limit, there is no limit on tries that you have, give it another go. And if you fail again, look up other ways to do it, check up how others have conquered this battle, you might find a strategy that’ll work for you.
For those struggling and on the verge of quitting – Calm Down! Just relax. Look up videos of cute puppies and kittens on YouTube, check up pictures of those you love and who love you too, say a quick prayer, then look at your situation again. Admit to yourself, do you need moral support? Do you need professional help? Talk to someone, listen to others. Experience is the best teacher, but it doesn’t have to be your own experience.
I am neither a therapist nor a professional “helper”. I am just a dude with functional ears who love to listen and a heart that can share a burden. Got a story to share, need a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, someone to rub minds with, I might be your guy or I might know a guy. Inbox me at joswildagreat@yahoo.com +2347033285686 for Text, calls and Whatsapp. We can surely find a way to get you to where you are heeded.
A problem solved is a problem half-solved.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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