Reminiscing (Nursery and Primary School)

Today, I spent time reminiscing over my bitter-sweet memories of the first formal school I attended. (I think it’s the second or third, but I’m not sure). I remember being inquisitive, and wanting to know “the story behind the story”.
I always wanted to know why black is black, and white is white. In the process of doing this, I meet some of the greatest individuals ever (in my innocent mind). I’ll spend the next couple of paragraphs talking about my childhood friends.
I remember as a kid, I had two close friends, and we were more or less triplets, at school, you can hardly find one of us without the other two, there was Junior, Mubo (or Sumbo, I’m not exactly sure of the name anymore), and there was me. Junior was one of the most intelligent boys in my class, while Mubo was, and still remains one of the most beautiful, and most intellient girls I’ve ever meet.
At this point in my life, we were less than seven years old, and every one of us acted with the innocence of our childhood knowledge, and our minds were unpolluted with the serious stuffs of life.
Mubo lived next to the school, while Junior’s house was just a stone throw from school, but my house was kinda far from school, but I can remember spending a reasonable amount of time at the house of the both of them, and I can remember going to Junior’s house with Mubo before school resumed in the morning, and sharing in a plate of rice, stew and fried plantain. (in my innocent mind, it still remain one of the sweetest plate of food I ever eat outside of home). And there were still loads of other fun things we did together.
After leaving the school in primary two or three, They were what I missed the most at my new school, and I still miss them much till now. i sometimes wonder what my life will turn out like if I had remained at the same school with them, maybe I and Junior will remain best of friends, and maybe, just maybe, I might be dating Mubo now,  that’s if Junior isn’t dating her already (Since I’ve come of age, I always fancied my chances with her, and what we’ll look like as a couple). I know they would have influenced my choices of other friends, education, relationships and career. One thing for sure, with them remaining in my life, my life would surely be different, (hopefully positively) but still, I’ll give anything to go back in time and go through my teenage years with them.
They remain an essential part of the story of my life, and I’m actually making moves to reconnect with them once again, (thanks to a mutual friend) and I hope they have also made remarkable progress inlife.
Mubo and Junior, I’ve always prayed for you, and will continue praying for you.
I pray you achieve your dreams, and live up to your potentials.
I hope to see you guys soon, and tell the world more of your greatness.
I’ve always and will always miss you(until we hook-up again).
May God continually keep and protect you.
I miss you and Love you. God bless you.