Real Gs Move In Silence (IDIOMS AND PROVERBS)

I remember the first time I saw the word “lasagna”. You can be certain that I pronounced it weird. My pronunciation was so off, that when I first heard it pronounced right, I had no idea we were both referring to the same thing.
How can you pronounce lasagna as “lasanya“?

This reminds me of a quote saying, “don’t mock people who pronounce words wrongly. Especially/they probably learned it by reading.”
I don’t know if the composer of that quote did it to inspire behavioral change, or if they were being a smart-ass. Whatever their intention was, I applaud them.

That quote is as apt as can be.
To begin with, I had never eaten lasagna. Until that point, I didn’t know anyone who had.
There is also the fact that I had never seen it before. Not even on a menu. How am I supposed to know that the G is silent?

You can imagine my shock when I eventually heard that, “Real Gs move in silence.” That wasn’t the shocking part.
The shock is reserved for the addendum, “like the G in lasagna”.
Who in the universe thought about this?

Left to me, I would have ended up with, “the G in lasagna is as useless as the K in knife.”
Who would have known that lasagna was about to be made a gangster food? Accepted by Gs and O.Gs alike.

However your preference regarding eating lasagna, you must admit that it is wise for O.Gs to move in silence.
You don’t want your moves attracting attention prematurely. This can lead to alerting your competitors and theft of ideas and innovations.

Knowing when to publicize and when to hold back can be a determinant factor for success, happiness, and breakthrough.
Be smart. Real Gs move in silence. Like the G in lasagna.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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