Queen Kong – Pryse × Eva Alordiah (Song Of The Day)

When Vector released King Kong in late 2014, many remixes and covers were released. The best of the bunch for me was Queen Kong by Pryse and Eva Alordiah.

If you can remember, the original King Kong brought the heat. It was line after line of the hottest bar in Nigerian hip hop at the time. The remix featuring Phyno, Reminisce, Classiq and Uzi was also as hot as it comes. It came blew all competitions out of the water.

With Queen Kong, Pryse and Eva weren’t just looking to emulate the guys. They weren’t trying to be one of the guys. They wanted to give the guys a run for their money. And by goodness, they really did.

The quality of lines, rhymes, similes and metaphors on display rivalled any that the guys had dropped. It was like Pryse and Eva were feeding off each other’s energy. At a point, they were taking turns dropping flaming lines like kids passing a slice of hot yam between themselves.

My love for Eva started in the late 2000s and the early 2010s. I am grateful that she introduced me to another ridiculously great femcee.
I miss the days of real collaborations on the Nigerian hip hop scene. Like Olamide and Phyno, I wish Eva and Pryse had gone ahead to give us complete projects.
We will have to make do with Queen Kong, to remind us that our ladies have got true hip hop in them too.