PSA: Unity Close And Unity Estate

We the association of Unity Close and Unity Estate residents and managers believe the time has come for us to address a serious concern.
Over the years, we have witnessed new iterations of Unity Close and Unity Estate around the country.

It seems like street owners, town planners, and real estate developers are becoming extremely lazy in naming their facilities.
You have ample time to come up with a name, yet somehow you still end up going with Unity Close and Unity Estate.
How original.

Whenever we go abroad and people ask us where we live, the moment we mention “Unity”, they assume we are either lying or live in a ghetto.
Apparently, they already know too many people that live in one place with the name. To them, it is either overpopulated or a fictional place.

At this time, we have decided that enough is enough. We call on the government to stop registering any new establishment with the name Unity Estate or Close. Let them go and choose another name.
Our executives will also be going around to evaluate and ascertain if certain places are worthy to bear the name “Unity”.

If they aren’t, they will be asked to rechristen themselves.
Unity Estate and Unity Close is not an all-comers affair. We are trying to put some respect back on her name.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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