PSA: This House Is Not For Sale

Dear Mr. Sale, I don’t know who you have offended in this life, but I can’t help wondering why people keep reminding you that every piece of property doesn’t belong to you.
I don’t own any property, yet I don’t see people writing it on their houses. Why always you?
Who did you offend? What exactly did you do wrong that they have held on to until now?

Did you try to steal their property? Were you interested in their wives? Was it their kids? What is the unforgivable offense that you committed?
It has gone so bad that almost every house in Lagos has your name on it, “this house is not for sale”.

What made me realize that this was beyond what meets the eyes, that there is a different dimension to it, was when I saw written on a government property, “this house is not for sale”.
Did you offend the government too? Are you dragging land with them? What exactly is the problem?

Mr. Sale, I hope you are not letting all of these get to you? It has gotten me so worried, that to feel better, any house I don’t see the announcement on, I just assume you own it.
I am almost tempted to go and write on it, this house is for sale.

Whatever the case may be sir, I hope you are alright.
And may you have your own house. So people can remove their eyes from your body.
At least, no matter what, whether they like it or not, on purpose or not, people will never forget your name.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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