PSA: Re: This House Is Not For Sale

We the family of late Mr. Sale would like to thank the writer of last week’s PSA for their kind concern.
What you did is something no one has bothered with in the last couple of decades. From the bottom of our hearts, we say a big thank you.

Our father and patriarch, Mr. Sale was a kind-hearted man. He was never greedy, minded his own business, was satisfied with what belonged to him, and never put his eyes into other’s affairs.
You can imagine his shock when as he went around Lagos, almost every house had the inscription, “this house is not for sale”.

If a house belongs to one person, then it automatically doesn’t belong to millions of other people. Why didn’t they write the name of those other people on the properties too?
Why does it have to be our father’s name?

We investigated this and realized that it was instigated by our father’s enemies. They had gone around town spreading the rumor that our gentleman-father wanted to lay claim to every house in Lagos.
They succeeded in convincing the owners of those houses to write the inscription as a way of warning our father.

Our father, Mr. Sale was a strong man. As hurt as he was, he didn’t allow these ridiculous accusations to get to him.
He tried to get a court injunction to stop the misinformation. But when he saw “this house is not for sale” written on the court gate, he knew they would be biased.

Our mother, Mrs. Sale, on the other hand, was too soft-hearted for this. All the negative attention really got to her.
She became hypertensive and had high blood pressure.

When it got worse, we had to fly her out of the country to stay with one of our siblings.
Unfortunately, she never recovered. Mrs. Sale passed on in the company of loved ones in the UK.

The heartbreak of losing his wife was what broke our father. Less than a year after losing his wife, best friend, and lover, he also passed.
A gentleman to the end, he never said anything negative about those who had dragged his name through the mud.

We hope all of you are satisfied with the outcome of your campaign. Y’all killed Mr. Sale.
Just know there is blood on your hands.

The Sale family would like to thank all those who stood by us throughout this period. We never took you for granted.
Thankfully, our father built his own house in this Lagos. And our mother made it a home before she passed.

This house now bears the superscription, “THIS HOUSE IS FOR SALE”. Despite owning other properties in other states of the federation, this is the one our father is most proud of.
We want to buy more houses and flip the inscription. We believe he will be smiling down on us from heaven.
For The Sale Family,
Barrister Sale Junior.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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