PSA: Nigerian Trekkers Union

Fellow countrymen, we at the National Trekkers Union have decided to bring some things to public knowledge, so you all can be aware of why we take our next line of action.
Immediately after the last General Election, lots of our trekkers started trekking in different directions as a way of celebrating the victory of General Muhammad Buhari. Interestingly, no trekkers were invited to the Inauguration of the President, neither were we given any appointive position in the administration.
It’s three years into the “new” administration and still, a lot is yet to change. The changes we have witnessed have been one good change for every nine bad ones witnessed. This is driving us into retrogression. If you know anything about trekkers, it should be the fact that we never trek backward.
The hardship, poverty and hunger in the country right now is so palpable, to the extent that we are currently experiencing record low number of registration with our union. People do not have the energy for essential everyday trekking, talk less of recreational trekking.
Enough is enough. We the NUT have decided to be apolitical. We will no longer be involved in all kinds of partisan politics. Our members are banned from participating in political campaigns, one thousand man walks and the likes, and most importantly, no one is allowed to trek anywhere because someone won.
Whoever contravenes these new rules will be excommunicated from the union and his or her trekking privileges will be revoked.
National Trekkers Union! Walking Forward! Together!

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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