PSA: Nigerian Cleaners Union

This is a Public Service Announcement from the Nigerian Cleaners Union. Congratulations on your proposal. Thankfully she accepted.
Before you both drive off into the sunset though, please, who will clean this place?

You planned a surprise proposal, you arranged for flowers, petals, balloons, and confetti. You brought all of her family and friends just to blow her mind. They were spraying and pouring everything everywhere as you got on your knees, didn’t it occur to you that it is littering?

All of you were saying Awww, ahhhh, ohhhhh. You were smiling and grinning from ear to ear. Some people were crying, blowing their noses, cleaning them with tissue paper, and dropping same on the floor. It all looks beautiful on camera, but how do you think the ground looks when you leave?

Mr. New Fiance, just to show that you are capable, you even sprayed money on her after she said yes. Your friends also rained cash down, but when you were all done, not a single currency note was left on the floor. The same energy y’all used to pick the cash, why didn’t you use it to pick the dirt?
It is cleaners that don’t know how to pick cash.

Who is your servant here? Are you the one paying the cleaners? Why didn’t you bring your team of cleaners from home to mop up after you?
You people will just be stressing us. We are not saying you should not propose, we are advocating that you do it in a clean and preferably, eco-friendly manner.
God no go shame us ooo.

St. Valentine’s Day is coming. We know many of you are already planning. We are also ready for you.
Our crack team of enforcers will be going out from now. As soon as you finish proposing, whether she accepts or not, you better clean up before you leave.
The Nigerian Cleaners Union believes enough is enough. You don’t clean up first and see what happens next.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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