PSA: National Union Of Beans Lovers

It has come to our attention here at the National Union Of Beans Lovers that Nigeria no longer loves us.
Over the last couple of years, the price of beans has kept rising astronomically.
The government meanwhile has turned a blind eye on this.
No subsidy, no intervention program, no special license to imports.
Labor unions have acted like they are not aware of this.
No strikes, no protests, no sit-outs.

When there was a rise in the price of garri, it made front-page news.
When the price of rice got high, the government stepped in.
Why are they refusing to save the common man and his love for beans?
Back in the day, rice or pounded yam was the food you give to your VIP guests.
Now we only cook beans for those we really-really love.
We here at the NUBL have decided that enough is enough.
We know we cannot go on strike, but we do have our vote.
We are a ten million-plus man strong organization.
We have decided to give our vote at the next presidential election to any man or woman who can promise us, and show us a framework to get the price of a De’rica of beans back to hundred Naira.
We will no longer be taken for granted. Save our beans, become the next president.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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