PSA: National Association Of Inquisitive Nigerians – MARS Mission

In less than one month, three countries would have landed a craft of some sort on Mars. The race to colonize the most Earth-like planet in our solar system has finally kicked into the next gear.
Apparently, every country that is going to Mars is claiming to be doing it for exploratory purposes. They left the whole of earth to go and “probe” another planet.

And they want us to believe that “nothing” is going on.
We believe them quite alright. China, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates’ record are so sparkling clean, so we believe them.
There is absolutely nothing to hide.

In the meantime, each of them intends to come back with sample materials from Mars.
The problem the earth is currently facing is not enough, we want to import interplanetary matters from Mars to complicate things.

Don’t these people read books? Don’t they watch movies?
In which storyline does this have a happy ending? Couldn’t they wait until we are done with our current pandemic before they go “probing”?
By the way, in our search for “intelligent life” do we really want to be “found”? Are we ready to be found? Again, how can this end well?

If a UFO shows up right now, lands comfortably on earth, and just starts probing, how quickly will the USA and China send their respective armies to counter them?
The US Space Force might not even let them land.

Whatever the case may be, we the National Association Of Inquisitive Nigerians have decided to get Nigeria into the space race.
We will be launching a GoFundMe to raise the necessary capital to build our own spaceship.

By the time we get to our target amount, there may be no more parking spot on Mars. So instead, we are still contemplating an alternative planet to probe.
Our investors can be rest assured that whichever planet we settle on will be one with enough mineral deposits to make a 1000% return on their investment.

Until then, whichever country is going to Mars again should please reserve two seats for our members.
We don’t plan to do much. Be rest assured, we won’t disturb you. We just want to quickly go and check something there.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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