PSA: Love Leftovers Nigeria Unlimited

This is a public service announcement from Love Leftovers Nigeria Unlimited. We are pleased to announce our post-valentine special sales.
Unlike your lover, we at Love Leftovers Nigeria Unlimited think about you and you alone. You are all of our business.

We know very much that the fellow that said they love you, as much as they do, actually do not listen. Just like last year, they bought you the wrong gift.
They went with the wrong size, the wrong color, or just the wrong item. That is why we are here.

Love Leftovers Nigeria Unlimited takes care of all the unwanted, unnecessary, and leftover items from your valentine’s celebration.
We buy fairly used valentine’s gifts. We buy unsold or unused “his” and “hers” gift packs. And we also buy rejected valentine’s gifts.

Did they turn down your proposal? We buy rejected engagement rings. And if your proposal was accepted but the ring is too big or small, we buy that too.
Do you still have a gift your ex gave you that is pissing you off or reminding you of them? Love Leftovers Nigeria Unlimited is ready to take it off your hands.

And if your current is pissed off about that teddy bear or singlet your ex got you, let us help you get your happiness back. (Except if the name of the ex is Happiness, then we will help you bring joy back.)
Be it a sweatshirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, joggers, boxers, bra, pants, we are happy to buy it from you at a worthy price.

We are all about helping you find happiness, moving on, and putting some Naira notes in your pocket.
Love Leftovers; for a happier, wealthier you.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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