PSA: International Association Of Timekeepers – Year 2021

We the International Association Of Timekeepers want to use this opportunity to welcome you to the year 2021. Happy New Year.

We cannot in good conscience continue this message without first apologizing for the year 2020. Sorry, we dropped the ball on that one.
Lessons have been learnt, disciplines have been handed out, adjustments have been made, and we are here to serve you better.

By our estimation, the year 2021 is already promising to be quite different from the year which shall never be named again on many grounds. It is also looking similar in a few places though.

As we work on ensuring 2021 is the best it can be, you still need to play your part.
Start with maintaining social distancing and wearing your mask while out and about.
Some of you have stopped washing your hands or using hand sanitisers. Kindly do us all a favour and get back to that.

And when you get the chance to be vaccinated against Covid-19, unless you are one of those at risk due to allergic reactions, GET VACCINATED. You probably already walk around with a smartphone. If you need to be tracked, that is enough tool. No other “chip” is needed.

Finally, you might not hit every shot you take, but you sure do miss every shot you don’t take.
With this in mind, take a chance at every opportunity that comes your way this year. And if the opportunities are delaying in coming, go find them.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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