PSA: Concerned Lagosians On Harmattan

If the state government won’t talk, then we must talk. How can a whole calendar year go by without us seeing harmattan?
Should we be concerned? Isn’t it normal to get scared? Is winter coming and should we be prepared?

We the Association Of Concerned Lagosians find it extremely discomfiting that the federal and state government have refused to comment about the harmattan situation in Lagos. Is harmattan postponed?
Is this a result of the many atrocities of Lagosians? In particular, is this down to the hoeing and “shinaing” ways of Lagosians?

What can we do to remedy this situation? Can we talk to the chief priest, chief imam, and chief reverend for Lagos? If this calls for prayers, we are ready. If we will need to fast too, we are capable.
As for presenting sacrifices, as long as no virgins will be required anywhere in the process, we are ready. The truth is we are not so confident of finding grown virgins in Lagos.

Lagos has never had winter. The small harmattan we have been managing and using to prepare for our relocation to Canada, they still now want to collect it from us and our children.
We no go gree.

Fellow Lagosians, the time has come to stand up for our state. We don’t know what will be required of us, but we know that we are ready.
Ẹkọ òní bajẹ ooo.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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