PSA: Coalition Of Pretty Faces Without Pretty Names

We the Coalition of Pretty Faces Without Pretty Names have an important Public Service Announcement and hereby demand your attention.
Again and again, we hear guys while asking others out, they see their faces, ask their names and then reply “what a pretty name for a pretty face”.
This has been going on for long, and it is come to our attention how much of a disadvantage we are at. Someone asks for our name, we give it to them and they find it difficult to hide their shock at our response.
What? Hmmnnn! Wow! Interesting! These are some of the responses we have gotten by disclosing our names. We actually hear the part you try to hide (but fail miserably at).
Your mouth might be saying wow! But your face is asking “What sort of name is that?” “Who was so wicked as to give you such a name?” “Is that really your name in this day and age?”.
Thank goodness we don’t look like what we have been through. Please, forthwith, you better keep a straight face when we answer your “what’s your name?” question, and stop looking so shocked.
And whenever you ask for our account details and find out that our name is different from the one we gave you earlier, stop looking bewildered. We only switched it up and “funkified” it because we knew you couldn’t handle the truth.
And for those who still go on to tell us “what a pretty name for a pretty face”, thanks for the courtesy. But we know you are lying.
Most importantly, we urge the Senate to pass the “Fine Name For Fine Faces” bill, so no parent can put their children through the torturous process of having to answer to ugly names.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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