PSA: Association Of True Agbalumo Lovers

We the members of the Lagos chapter of the association of true agbalumo lovers, want to draw the attention of the public to the sacrilege that is occurring in Lagos.

The year 2020 was such a tumultuous year that the nourishment that our loving and succulent agbalumo should have brought was severely missed.
Those who eat for comfort, those whose comfort food was agbalumo had to resort to managing watermelon, pawpaw, grapes, strawberry and other lesser fruits.

We had concluded that the unavailability of our cherished agbalumo was one of our travails for the year. You can imagine our joy when our favourite and most blessed of all fruits began to trickle into Lagos within the first week of this year.
We believed that God had answered our prayers and this disaster was finally over.

Our members flooded the markets around Lagos, bought what they could, and rushed back home to feast.
What a tragedy.
There is no way we can properly describe the slapping feeling they all received. It was a mess.

Day after day, we monitored the situation, thinking the traders would rectify it. But alas, they instead choose to cash in on our desperation.
You can imagine children who are just growing to appreciate taste, who their parents and friends have been educating on the awesomeness of agbalumo, finally tasting it and being left hurt, broken and disappointed.
This is a travesty.

We call on the federal and state government to look into this matter. They need to declare a state of emergency in the agbalumo sector.
All fruits should be left on the trees for a minimum of two more weeks to ensure proper ripening. The year 2020 cannot finish slapping us, and agbalumo too will start slapping us.

Secondly, a task force should be sent to the markets around the state to rescue all agbalumos that are yet to be sold. This should be disposed of so nobody has to go through that disappointing taste.

Finally, if the government refuses to intervene in this crisis, all true agbalumo lovers must boycott the sales until normalcy is restored.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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