Providence: Joseph, Jesus, And You (Genesis 46:28-47:31) – JOSHUA’S NOTE

One sentence to summarize Joseph’s life: Amazing good came from unthinkable evil.
Joseph’s brothers were saved by the one they rejected.
Jesus Christ was rejected by the ones He came to save.

James Montgomery writes in “The Sovereign God”:

  • The providence of God does not relieve us of responsibility.
  • God works through means like the integrity, hard work, obedience and faithfulness of Christian people.
  • The providence of God does not relieve us of the need to make wise judgements or to be prudent.
  • The providence of God does relieve us of anxiety in God’s service. (Matthew 6:30)
  • Rather than a cause for self-indulgence, compromise, rebellion or any other sin, the doctrine of providence is actually a sure ground for trust and a spur to faithfulness.

To be Christian is to be reborn, and free, and unafraid, and immortally young. – Joy Davidman. (Wife of C.S. Lewis)
All the seemingly meaningless and tragic elements of Joseph’s life were really part of a grand plan to save an entire race of people.
Attempting to discover God’s plan for our lives should be what we strive for.
God is in control. He is continually directing the affairs of humankind and the events of history towards a particular goal: to bring glory to Himself.
God doesn’t exist for our pleasure; we’re created for His pleasure.
To love at all is to be vulnerable. C.S. Lewis.
The only place outside heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers of love . . . is Hell. C.S. Lewis.
Seek God’s blessings for the sake of others.

Trust in God’s Providence…

  • When you feel overwhelmed, remember: God cares about you.
  • When you don’t understand, remember: God does have a plan.
  • When you can’t see a solution, remember: God is at work.
  • When you’ve done wrong, remember: God restores those who repent.
  • When you’ve been wronged, remember: God can work it out for your good.

Because Joseph was willing to trust God with his life, God used him in powerful ways.
Like Joseph, we must be willing – willing to follow, willing to be uncomfortable, and above all, willing to risk everything for God.

Steps to letting your life count for God as a blessing to others:

  1. Focus your heart on the truth.
  2. Be willing to leave your comfort zone.
  3. Pursue God’s call on your life with a whole heart.
  4. Forgive.
This is W. Joshua’s note from Chapter Ten of the book “Stand: Seeking The Way Of God” by Alex McFarland.
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