Preparing For A Heartbreak – Josh Journal

There is something untoward about a heartbreak. It hurts so bad, yet you can’t alleviate it physically.
The pain is both physical and psychological. It is blinding, yet eye-opening. You are so clear-minded, yet irrational. And it hurts more when you can’t explain it.

Another crazy thing about heartbreak is that even if you can see it from a mile away, it doesn’t hurt any less.
Both times I’ve experienced heartbreak, I had envisaged it, but that didn’t ease the impact. As a matter of fact, it hurt more.

Okay, I can’t exactly say it hurt more, because I don’t know how it would have hurt if I had been blindsided.
So, if sensing it before it happened didn’t help, then how can one prepare for a heartbreak?

Should I have disconnected immediately I sensed it? But then, I’m an “all in” guy. Even at that, I still believe in fighting to salvage the relationship.
What if I jump ahead and do the break up before I am broken up with? But then, what if I was wrong with my premonition?

Knowing myself, knowing that I only ended things because I knew they were about to end would hurt me just as if I had been broken up with.
How about if I never allow myself to fall in love? Or when I fall in love, I never commit myself?

Who am I kidding? Love is inevitable. And when you fight it, you only fall harder.
Try as much as I can, I just can’t think of a way to prepare for heartbreak. Why not think about it and share your thoughts with me.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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