Pre-Exam Prayers

 Tomorrow Morning, over a million people around and even outside Nigeria will be writing the entrance exam into Tertiary Institution.
 This is one of the most dreaded exams in the academical calender here in Nigeria, students spend over all of the three years of senior secondary school, and sometimes even more to prepare for it, This exam raises the confidence of people, makes their future and takes them from being boys to being men, at the same time, it has reduced “Big Boys” to “Little Babies”. It even drives some people to the point of suicidal tendencies.
 Some people write this exam only once and get the desired results, while others have a couple of tries at it before getting their desired results, while some have written it over five, if not ten times, and are yet to gain the much sought after admission into Higher Institution of Learning.
 I happen to have a couple of friends (Over Five of them, including my best-friend as well as my younger sister who are writing this crucial exam tomorrow, some of them are confident, while others are scarred,  some of them are optimist, while others are pessimistic and skeptical. I do have a word for everyone of you, “Fear Not, God is with You”.
 I pray you find favor tomorrow, find the exam easier, and meet questions from areas you have read.
 May God’s Presence and Favor be with You, Go in Peace, The Lord is Your Strength.
 To All JAMB/UTME candidates, this is to wish you the very best, God bless you.