Post Match Activities (Deputy Girlfriend)

Thankfully, Liverpool won the match. Immediately it was over, I made to dash out, but these guys quickly boxed me in again.

“Guys, match done finish, make I dey go my house na” I began.
Andy, relax.” One of them countered.
“You say the girl no be your babe, and she no be your sister, that suppose mean we fit try our luck na” another continued.
Best of luck. If she gree, fine. If she no gree, that one na una business.” I replied them.

“Accepted. But at least, you suppose tell us her name first.” That was Paul. His eyes does not miss anything in skirt.
“And her number too!” Shouted someone from the back.
“If everybody dey ask for name and number, Paul, you supposed dey follow them ask?” I countered Paul.

Everyone burst into laughter. If there is one certainty, by the next time we are here to watch a match, Paul would definitely know Tomi’s name.
When it comes to women’s matters, he has a network of Information no one else has access to.

It is not as if he had a shortage of ladies at his disposal. He could form a complete match squad with the girls he has on rotation.
He takes pride in his wooing ability. If it were a competitive sport, he would be a world champion.

“See, to be fair, you will have to give the rest of us her contact. But not Paul.” Someone said.
“True. Very true.” Everyone echoed.
“And who said I’ll be giving anyone her number?” I replied them.
“Do I look like a pimp or something?” I concluded as I began pushing my way out of the viewing center.
“Na wa for you ooo!” One of them replied.
“Chop her number then.” Another countered.
“I go report you to Hannah. You done camp girl for house, you wan dey cheat on am.” Another replied.

I finally had space to come out. Patrick was right beside me. He had mostly been quiet during the encounter.
With the way these guys are, I might not come here to watch the next match.

They will likely hold this grudge until another incident blows over it.
Whatever the case might be, I didn’t ask anyone not to try getting at Tomi. But I actually pity whoever has the balls to try though.

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