Pop Pooper (Word For The Week)

A Pop Pooper is someone who is always against whatever is the popular opinion at the time.
You can call them Anti Pop, Pop Police, Pop Busters, Buzz Killers, or Party Poopers.

A party pooper is defined as a person who refuses to join in the fun of a party or one who refuses to go along with everyone else. While a buzz killer is described as a negative person that causes another’s mood or spirit to become depressed or dampened.

If stan culture is on one end of an extreme, them pop poopers are on the other end of the same extreme. To them, whatever everyone else agrees on is definitely wrong.

True enough, there is a downside to everything, but eventually, a consensus has to be made for progress to be achieved. Once the consensus doesn’t favour the pop pooper, he wants to rain on everyone else’s parade.
They are always in a hurry to point out the negatives, and when said negative is adjusted for, or even accepted to be inevitable, they double down and even look for extra negatives.

To them, the minutest detail of what is wrong with a popular position is more important than whatever the world stands to gain from it.
In their opinion, there is always a “but”.
To maintain high quality in anything, someone must be the voice of reason, the pragmatic one. But no one wants a naysayer.

When I met a pop pooper, there is something I have come to expect from them, a belief that people do not know enough to decide what is best for them. They always know something the public does not know.

Fact is you might actually know something no one else knows, and that will influence your decision. But when you educate people on what they do not know, and they finally understand, but decide they are fine with their original decision, accept it.

The voice of the people is not necessarily the voice of God, but there is no guarantee that yours is either. Get off your high horse.
No one likes a pop pooper. Even if you know the people around you are idiots, let them make their decisions.

If you know you can no longer stand their stupidity, excuse yourself from the arrangement.
It is better to be an ex-member than to remain a member, but a thorny member of the same group.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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